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1 Corporate Project Enginer & Maintenance Mgr.- Atlanta 10336
2 Plant Engineering Manager-Springfield, MO 12435
3 Plant Engineer-Maintenance Manager-Williamsport, PA 10667
4 Global Engineering Controls / Automation Engineer 11729
5 TPM Maintenance Manager Opportunity-KY- to $105K + Bonus 12117
6 TPM / CI /Project Engineer-TX Metro-$85K + Bonus 11856
7 Maintenance Manager-MN to $90K + Bonus 12422
8 Maintenance Manager-Southern CA to $105K + Bonus 12142
9 Plant Engineering & Maintenance Manager-Allantown,PA, to $115,000 + Bonus 12947
10 CWA-1309-Project / Process Improvement Engineer, Midwest & Southwest Metro's, to $110K 12389
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