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Requires a BS degree in Engineering or related with 3+ years Operations/Production Supervision, Manufacturing Engineering or Maintenance Engineering/Supervision experience in Food /Beverage or consumer packaged goods manufacturing in a High Performance Work Team environment. This position will lead and manage the entire shift of a multiple line, high speed packaging facility. Responsibilities will include all production, quality, maintenance and sanitation activities over 3 lines. The candidate will be responsible for developing, mentoring, coaching and counseling approximately 20 - 30 team members. Must be able to lead and develop maintenance personnel. Candidate should be well versed in TPM or other Lean Manufacturing practices, High Performance Work Teams (HPWT) training & development,Six Sigma, CMMS, PLC's, Preventive Maintenance programs, SPC/TQM/HACCP programs, CIP systems, strong leadership skills, excellent communication skills, etc. Knowledge of high-speed filling, labeling, secondary packaging, palletizing, etc, a plus.

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