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A leading, privately held, market share leading, food & beverage company, and they are seeking a promotable Quality Assurance Manager for their state-of-the-art facility in a pleasant, thriving, rural community in SW Iowa.

The successful candidate will be responsible for all Quality & Sanitation activities for a 300+ person, non-union facility manufacturing thermal processed food products in a work team environment with emphasis on Lean Manufacturing practices, Continuous Improvement projects, improvement of process capabilities cost savings initiatives, etc.

BS Science or related degree required with 3 to 5+ years Total Quality Management supervision experience in the food & beverage industry. Requires strong skills in SQF (Safe Quality Foods) programs, SPC, TQM, HACCP, GMP’s, etc. Along with USDA / FDA and other regulatory compliance issues.

Salary to $80,000 + 10% Bonus. Relocation package is available.



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