Welcome to Chris Woolsey & Associates, L.L.C. We specialize in the search and placement of degreed professionals in the Food and Beverage Industry on a nationwide basis. We focus on the manufacturing side of the industry including such disciplines as Engineering, TPM, Maintenance, Production Management & Supervision, Six Sigma, Quality Assurance & Sanitation, SQF, Supply Chain Management,  Warehouse/Distribution, Purchasing, and Human Resources.

Since 1985 Chris Woolsey has provided professional & confidential recruiting services to the Industry's Fortune 500 clients along with privately held, emerging and start-up companies. We provide the top talent in the industry, our candidates, with the same professional & confidential service. If you have a four-year degree and 1+ years manufacturing experience in the Food & Beverage industry we can help you advance your career.

Hot Job Highlight

CWA-1815- Quality / Sanitation Leader- Midwest to $63K + Bonus

CWA-1815-Quality / Sanitation Leader-Midwest-$63,000 + Bonus

BS Science or related degree required with 1-3 years in a QA, sanitation, supervisory position in the food & beverage industry. This position offers the opportunity for development and career growth within the Quality function by directing all QA & Sanitation activities over several packaging lines at a 200 person (union) plant. Candidate will facilitate SPC, TQM, SQF and HACCP programs, including training programs for operators. Conduct root cause analysis to drive continuous improvement. Ensure quality compliance with plant, division and corporate regulations, including FDA, GMPs, SOP’s raw, in-process and finished goods testing, vendor auditing, sanitation, CIP systems, safety/OSHA, etc.  Excellent advancement opportunity with Fortune 500 Company, offering fast track to Quality Manager.   Salary to $63,000 + 5% Bonus

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