Welcome to Chris Woolsey & Associates, L.L.C. We specialize in the search and placement of degreed professionals in the Food and Beverage Industry on a nationwide basis. We focus on the manufacturing side of the industry including such disciplines as Engineering, TPM, Maintenance, Production Management & Supervision, Six Sigma, Quality Assurance & Sanitation, SQF, Supply Chain Management,  Warehouse/Distribution, Purchasing, and Human Resources.

Since 1985 Chris Woolsey has provided professional & confidential recruiting services to the Industry's Fortune 500 clients along with privately held, emerging and start-up companies. We provide the top talent in the industry, our candidates, with the same professional & confidential service. If you have a four-year degree and 1+ years manufacturing experience in the Food & Beverage industry we can help you advance your career.

Hot Job Highlight

Sr. Team Leader-Dairy / Food-TX Metro to $68K

I’m currently working with the dairy business unit of one of the fastest growing food & beverage companies in the world. They are seeking a promotable Senior Team Leader for their state-of-the-art facility in a Southwest Metro. (TX)

The successful candidate will be responsible for the manufacturing activities of up to 50 team members including production, packaging, quality, preventive maintenance, safety, etc over shift at a 300+ person, facility manufacturing shelf stable dairy products. This is a High Performance Work Team environment, which is expanding rapidly.

Requires BS Degree and 2+ years supervision experience in dairy / food / beverage / nutritional supplement or other consumer packaged goods manufacturing.

Knowledge of world-class manufacturing including knowledge of lean manufacturing / continuous improvement systems, SPC/TQM / HACCP/ P.M.programs, cost savings, process improvements, root cause analysis, etc.

This position is open due to expansion, & offers excellent advancement opportunity. Relocation available.

Salary to $68,000 + Bonus.

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